But Dont We Need Vitamin D?

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You need to get your vitamin D....I have heard this throw away comment many times from parents while their children spend hours playing in direct sunlight with little to no sun protection. I agree you DO need your Vitamin D. Vitamin D increases intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphate. I'm sure no one wants brittle bones or osteoporosis latter in life.

But how much do you actually need? Government research suggests as little as 5-10 minutes outside per day is more than adequate. Of course there are many variables to consider such as season, skin colour and time of day. The experts seem to agree that mid-morning / mid-afternoon is the best time to fill your vitamin D reserves. Spending extra time in the sun won't increase your vitamin D levels but will most likley give you some nasty sunburn.

The sun is amazing, it feels incredible on our skin and really is natures happy drug. If your going to be outside for extended periods of time cover up and enjoy the day without doing any long term damage. You will still fill your Vitamin D reserves to the max and teach healthy life long habits your children will thank you for. If your wanting more information on vitamin D recommendations we recommend checking out the Australian governments health direct website.

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