The swimsuit that saves you time & money

Kids Sun Safe Long Sleeve Sun Suit Girls Swimwear Sunsafe Sun Protection

Yes, you read right...the swimsuit that saves you time and money. Have you ever threatened to drive the kids straight home after a battle at the beach over the application of sunscreen? Worse still, the hassle of reapplying sunscreen every few hours and having to bribe them with snacks so they will wait long enough for it to dry before they dive back into the water?  

Tame the Sun is all about having fun outdoors, long beach days and pool plays in high quality UPF 50+ sun safe swimwear. Due to our premium fabrics our swimwear feels cool and light, offers maximum sun protection, chlorine resistant and is fully lined for a long lifespan.  Save your sanity, spend those rare moments enjoying family time and the extra sunscreen for another day. 

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